Dismissal of sex abuse charges rejected


August 05, 2008|By John-John Williams IV

A judge yesterday rejected a motion to dismiss the charges against a former Howard County teacher accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with several students.

The trial for Alan Meade Beier, a former science teacher at River Hill High School, had been scheduled to begin this week. Although Judge Luke K. Burns Jr. rejected the defense motion to dismiss the charges during a hearing in Howard County Circuit Court, Howard County prosecutors plan to drop charges against Beier in order to reindict him before a grand jury tomorrow, said Wayne Kirwan, a spokesman for the state's attorney's office. The defense and prosecution are to set a new trial date today, Kirwan said.

Beier, 54, of Columbia, faces charges of sexual abuse of a minor and second-degree assault. A male River Hill student said that sexually exploitative pictures were taken of him in April 2006. Beier is also accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with another male student and a female student.

Earlier this year, Beier was sentenced to four years in prison in connection with allegations that he undressed a student and photographed him naked. Beier is appealing that sentence.

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