Mr. Flip's Tube Tips

August 04, 2008

Reality competition

American Gladiator

8 p.m. [chs. 11, 4]:

It's the season finale, people! And unlike on Nashville Star, which follows, the winners don't have to wear cowboy hats.

Awards show

Teen Choice 2008

8 p.m. [chs. 45, 5]:

Sports is among the categories, and skateboard/snowboard superstar Shaun White is a nominee. If Mr. Flip had been eligible to vote, he would have cast his ballot for White. A Flying Tomato crosses all lines of age and a total lack of hipness.


Fab 5: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal

9 p.m. [Lifetime]:

The plot: "A plucky young teacher ... challenges the school's de facto hierarchy of five spoiled, wealthy cheerleaders who don't play by any rules." You need rules. Because otherwise this wouldn't have anything to do with sports. And we all know Mr. Flip doesn't list any television shows that have nothing to do with sports.

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