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August 03, 2008|By Peter Schmuck

In the first week since the launch of The Schmuck Stops Here, there have been a lot of inquiries about the exact nature of my new blog. I'm not sure blogging is ever an exact science, but inquiring minds still want to know, which means I probably didn't explain myself well enough at the outset:

Will it be an Orioles-only blog?

Will there be posts about other sports?

Will it venture outside the sports world?

Will you post any more grainy footage from Gunsmoke?

Fair questions all (and I should know, because I asked them). Though this won't be a baseball-only blog, it will be the primary Orioles blog in the baltimoresun.com lineup. That means the Orioles and baseball come first, though I reserve the right to comment on anything at any time, especially during the offseason.

When I am physically with the team, I will put up the lineup and relevant pre-game stuff. Can't guarantee that for every game because I don't regularly travel with the club, but I will be checking in with beat writer Jeff Zrebiec frequently and working to get as much fresh info as possible.

For the most part, The Schmuck Stops Here will be the intersection of current events and my strange personality. If something totally off-the-wall happens in the weird, weird world of sports, I'm probably going to have some fun with it whether it's baseball-related or not, but that doesn't mean there will be less Orioles commentary.

And, of course, this blog is fueled by reader comments, so keep them coming. I'll answer some personally and use some to generate my own posts (with credit given). The only hard-and-fast rule I live by is this: I'm going to make it fun or interesting or informative or any combination of all three. The rest is up to you.

So, stick around. It's only going to get better.

*It would have been nice to see Garrett Olson get the chance to complete the shutout in the series opener against the Mariners at Safeco Field, but Dave Trembley obviously didn't want him going out on anything but a positive note.

Can't argue too much about that. Olson lasted a career-high 8 1/3 innings and threw 117 pitches, which is nine more than in any of his previous starts this year. Maybe that's still Dave being overprotective, but I don't have to tell anybody about the shaky state of the rotation and the importance of having Olson fit for his next start now that he's pitching well again.

He left with the bases loaded and one out in the ninth, and reliever Lance Cormier gave up an infield hit to end the shutout bid, costing the O's a chance to end the longest shutout drought in the majors at 90 games. All three inherited runners would end up scoring in a five-run Mariners ninth, so the pitching line wasn't as pretty as it could have been, but nobody was complaining afterward.

I know this because I stayed up all the way through the post-game show waiting to watch Softball 360 on MASN.

*Good to see Radhames Liz didn't let his recent demotion get him down. He threw seven strong innings for Triple-A Norfolk on Friday night to get the victory against Lehigh Valley.

*The Green Bay Packers really, really don't want Brett Favre reporting to camp. You've probably heard by now that they've presented him with a $20 million marketing offer to stay retired.

I checked with my fellow baseball guys at The Sun - Zrebiec and Dan Connolly - and they both agree: That would be the most anybody has been paid not to work since ... me.

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