August 03, 2008

As the Ravens' backup center, Chris Chester's favorite color is purple. But recently, he's going green. Chester is a proponent of protecting the environment and preserving the Earth.

Q: How did you get affiliated with this movement?

A: "In my faith as a Christian, I believe that we all have a purpose on Earth. Initially, I've always been into politics and civil rights issues. But the more I thought about it and the more I meditate on it, I've come to believe that a livable environment is the most basic of human rights. That's why I feel strongly compelled to work that way."

Q: What are you doing in your personal life to go green?

A: "It's a fairly new development for me. But my wife and I are going to install a tankless water heater in our house. We're remodeling our kitchen, and we're using some recycled products. We've done some green landscaping at our house with native plants, and we're on our way to installing some rain barrels just to save water. And we're just more conscious about using high-efficiency lightbulbs. My wife and I are also considering doing some work with the [National] Aquarium because they're doing some work with the marshlands around Baltimore and Maryland."

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