Christy Larrimore

Glimpsed in Locust Point

August 03, 2008|By Sloane Brown | Sloane Brown,Special to The Sun

Forget Baltimore's hot, muggy weather. Christy Larrimore is a summer breeze personified as she dashes out to grab lunch at Harvest Table, from her new job as a retail marketing operations coordinator at Under Armour. We also found out Larrimore isn't the first fashion plate in the family to be "Glimpsed." It seems her new stepdad is Jack Antwerpen, who we ran across a few months ago at the Prime Rib as he and her mom were celebrating their forthcoming nuptials. Sorry, Jack, your style is most definitely unique, but Christy's cobalt blue shirt dress, ballet flats and gorgeous tote handbag are winners.

Age: 23

Residence: Federal Hill

Job: Under Armour retail marketing operations coordinator

Self-described style : "I'd like to think that I run the gamut, though it's probably more preppy than I'd like to admit."

The look: Cobalt cotton shirt dress. Tory Burch black ballet flats. Tory Burch cream and tan tote. Small pearl stud earrings. Cartier watch.

Where it came from: The dress came from Brooklyn Industries in New York. As for her shoes: "My mother gave me these. They didn't fit her." Her handbag was something she found at the grand opening of Sassanova in Harbor East. Her earrings were a gift from an ex-boyfriend, and her watch was a birthday present.

Fashion sense is chromosomal: "Like the majority of women, fashion is important - it's part of the fun of being a girl! But it doesn't consume my life."

Shopping for fashion, however, is not: "I do, however, enjoy shopping for clothing and accessories on trips and vacations. ... When I wear a certain article of clothing, I'll remember the trip that I went on or where I first wore the dress or outfit, whether I bought it during a weekend in Vegas or purchased it for a friend's wedding."

If she's shopping, it must be cold outside: "My shopping habits are seasonal. I like to do one or two big trips a year and be done with it, with sporadic replenishment/update trips in between. I shop more during colder winter months because I prefer to spend spring/summer/fall outdoors. Basically I don't want to be stuck in a mall or department store."

She's into the "big picture": "I always, always, always look for outfits. I realized a few years back that I had several great skirts and pairs of pants along with many tops, but none of them mixed well together. It was a huge waste of time and money to only buy half of an outfit for me. Now, I only buy things in complete sets. It's also advice that, after years of hearing, I finally took from mom."

Handbags, watches and ... toiletry bags? : "Handbags are my No. 1 weakness. And watches would have to be my No. 2. Toiletry/travel bags would have to be next on the list - an odd obsession, I know. ... I think it stems from my love for traveling."


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