Store opening

August 03, 2008|By Joanna Brenner


813 W. 36th St., Hampden

11 a.m.-6 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday; 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Friday


Looking for a different angle on art? Baltimore native Lauren Preller's new gallery, fotopopART, is a perfect fit for the contemporary art scene in Hampden.

Preller displays and sells artwork created by a unique process. She starts with her original photography and then digitally manipulates layers of photos to be created for print on linens and canvases.

While about half the pieces in her gallery are created by artists from all over the United States, Preller is the mastermind behind these pieces she calls "ultra chrome ink on canvas." Her range of photography is diverse, but the purpose of a finished piece is always specific.

"The artwork is not merely decorative," said Preller. "It reflects the purpose of its space. If it's a person, it relates to their personal life."

Preller also shoots weddings and portraits, and has done other various freelance photography work.

The artwork at the gallery, which opened June 15, ranges in price from $25 to $3,000. Other featured artists include Twoi Palmer of Charleston, S.C., and Garey Hashagen of Baltimore.

"People come to Hampden for something different," Preller said. "They're really getting into it."

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