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August 02, 2008


Former U.S. surgeon general

Dr. Julius Richmond, the U.S. surgeon general in the Carter administration who issued a report labeling cigarette smoking "slow-motion suicide," has died.

Dr. Richmond, who was the first director of Head Start, died Sunday at his Boston-area home, said a spokeswoman for Harvard University, where Dr. Richmond was professor emeritus.

In 1979, Dr. Richmond presented his Surgeon's General's Report on smoking, a follow-up to the 1964 report by an earlier surgeon general that led to warnings on cigarette packs.

The 1,200-page report provided greater detail, saying that smoking causes diseases, and smoking by pregnant women harms their fetuses.

In another report in December 1980, Dr. Richmond documented Americans' efforts to live healthier lives, noting increases in the number of adults who exercise regularly and a greater awareness of the dangers of high blood pressure and heart disease.

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