The Schmuck Stops Here


August 01, 2008|By PETER SCHMUCK

Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail

said during a conference call yesterday that the Orioles never got "terribly close" to making a deal before the 4 p.m. waiver deadline.

"We didn't have one of those situations where we had several conversations marching toward a conclusion," he said.

He did leave open the possibility of moving some of the club's veteran players through waivers for a possible trade in August.

"I hold out hope to the extent that it would be something that makes sense for us."

Brian Roberts was never seriously in play.

"It [a Roberts deal] was not something that intrigued us unless we got something we really wanted. With Brian Roberts, that was a very high bar to clear."

On why nothing came together:

"We just didn't find an intersection of self-interest between ourselves and another club. ...You have to discipline yourself so you don't come out with something just to say you made a trade. You have to make sure you come out better than you were before."

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