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August 01, 2008



Sourcefire loss nearly triples

Columbia's Sourcefire Inc. which has twice in the past two months deflected acquisition attempts by a California competitor, said yesterday that its loss for the quarter ending June 30 nearly tripled, while revenue rose by 42 percent. The network security company lost $3.1 million, compared with $1.1 million during the corresponding quarter of 2006. Revenue was $16 million, compared with $11.3 million a year earlier. The company has struggled with losses since going public last year.

Tricia Bishop



Food prices rise 16% during 2008

The cost of crops and livestock has risen 16 percent this year compared with last year, driven higher by rising costs for feedstock and fuel, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said yesterday. Grains such as corn and soybeans are trading at all-time highs this month, while wheat is down from historic highs in March but still up steeply from last year. Grain prices were up 42 percent for the year overall. Prices for farm products rose 1.9 percent in June alone, according to the report. Grain staples including wheat and soybeans rose 1.6 percent during June.


Northwest to add $80 fee for fuel

Northwest Airlines Corp. , plans to add an $80 round-trip fuel surcharge starting Jan. 10 on about 7,000 routes to blunt record energy costs. The new prices will affect routes that didn't previously have a fuel surcharge in place, Northwest spokeswoman Michelle Aguayo-Shannon said yesterday. It's the first boost in fares or surcharges in a month, Rick Seaney of travel Web site said.

This column was compiled from dispatches by Sun reporters, the Associated Press and Bloomberg News.

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