Universities, colleges warning about bogus e-mail

Scam Watch

July 27, 2008|By Dan Thanh Dang

Bogus e-mail appearing to come from universities and colleges is making the rounds to "phish" for personal or sensitive information such as passwords, credit card account data and Social Security numbers.

In a warning last week, Penn State warned its students, faculty, staff and alumni to beware of e-mail messages from addresses such as The Psu.edu Team, websupport@webmaster.com, and ALERT@psu.edu.

One version of the message states that it's from the "webmail messaging center" and that the university is upgrading Penn State WebMail so recipients should "upgrade their user accounts." The e-mail also requests that recipients "provide their user name, password and date of birth within seven working days or risk losing their accounts."

Penn State also warned that universities in other areas are reporting the same type of targeted phishing scams being sent to people in their own communities.

If you are receiving such e-mail, do not provide any requested information and delete the message immediately. Penn State and other universities will not ask you to provide sensitive information through an e-mail.

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