July 26, 2008

What did you do this summer? Tight end Daniel Wilcox got married. To a former Ms. Belize. Inside M&T Bank Stadium.

Q: What's your mind-set now that you are married?

A: It's a different mind-set. I'm not only thinking about me and her [the former Shauna Chin], but I'm thinking about our future as far as kids and their college future, and I don't even have kids. My mind has definitely flipped a more mature switch. At one point in my world, I was living for me day-to-day; whatever comes, comes, I really don't care. But now it's like I have to be more mature. I have to be smarter, and I have to make sure that I take care of us both.

Q: Hall of Fame women's basketball player and coach Nancy Lieberman signed a seven-day contract with the WNBA's Detroit Shock on Thursday at age 50. What will you be doing when you're 50?

A: Hopefully, I'll still be playing some football. In some form or fashion, I would hope to still be involved with sports. Nancy is an absolutely amazing woman. So my hat goes off to her. I've known Nancy through a friend of mine. I've gotten to text her and talk to her and see what's going on and see how she feels about it. I actually saw her on television. I was like, "That's Nancy." To hear that she signed a contract, that's amazing. Why not give it one more try? If you've got it in you, give it one more try.

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