Changes In Coverage

To Our Readers

July 25, 2008

Beginning next week, business coverage will move inside the Maryland section Tuesday through Friday. The Money & Life section will continue to run on Sundays as a stand-alone section. A few regular features that have been in the daily Business section will move to other sections:

* Dream Home will move to the Go Today section starting Aug. 2.

* Jamie Smith Hopkins' Real Estate Wonk column will move to the Sunday Real Estate section on Aug. 3.

* Hanah Cho's On the Job column and the At Work feature will move from Wednesday to Sunday's Money & Life section starting Aug. 3.

A number of regular features from syndicated columnists or wire services are being discontinued, including the Your Funds column by Charles Jaffe, Helpdesk from technology columnist Bill Husted and Real Estate Matters by Ilyce Glink.

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