A guide to searching out names of property owners



So you want to know who, exactly, owns that vacant property near you. It's an eyesore and you'd like the name of the guy to complain to. Or you want to buy it and can't figure out where to send the offer. Or you're just nosy.

Whatever the reason, you can search for answers without leaving home.

http://sdatcert3.resiusa.org/rp_rewrite. It offers a variety of information on properties across Maryland - tax assessment numbers, prior sales history in many cases, whether the property is owner-occupied and, yes, who that owner is.

A search on the Calvert Street address where I spend most of my time shows the owner as Tribune Co. and lists a mailing address in Chicago, for instance.

But what if said owner were a limited liability company with only a post office box listed? The Calvert Street building's previous owner was an LLC, as it happens. And many of the homes bought by real estate investors during the housing boom, some of which are vacantly languishing now, are LLC-owned.

Don't despair. Try MDLandRec.Net. It requires free sign-up, but it's worth the time.

This site collects scanned-in versions of land records such as mortgages and deeds, which is a handy way for finding real people involved with property-owning companies. You can search by address in Baltimore, but you'll need the owner name (in this example, the LLC) for the rest of the state.

Once you find documents associated with your mystery owner, read through to see who signed them. "I Own This House LLC" can hold property, but it can't put its John Hancock on the dotted line - that's where an actual human being is necessary. When I checked the deed showing Tribune as the new owner of the building, I did indeed see a human name and signature associated with the LLC that had owned it before.

None of this research guarantees that you'll be able to talk to the owner of the property that interests and/or annoys you. Local code enforcement officials trying to track down owners can't always find them. But this way, at least, you'll have someone to try.

Happy hunting.

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