WWE splits up Edge, Guerrero too soon


July 20, 2008|By KEVIN ECK

Edge really messed up this time. It appears as if his and Vickie Guerrero's glorious reign of terror on Smackdown is over - along with their relationship - because he was caught on tape making out with the wedding planner.

Triple H crashed Edge and Guerrero's wedding reception Thursday night on Smackdown and revealed the hidden video of Edge putting the moves on Alicia Fox.

I'm deeply saddened by this shocking development. Edge and Guerrero are an awesome heel act and they have been carrying Smackdown.

I think it's premature to split them up, and I don't believe Guerrero will be as entertaining as a babyface (assuming that is where this is headed). Guerrero turning babyface reportedly was the plan since the inception of the Edge-Guerrero story line, but she has been getting unbelievable heat from the crowd, so I wouldn't have messed with something that was working so well.

I believe there is a method to WWE's madness, however. I'm guessing that Guerrero, seeking revenge for Edge's betrayal, will reinstate The Undertaker. I could see Undertaker screwing over Edge in his match against WWE champion Triple H Sunday at The Great American Bash to resume their feud.

I have mixed feelings about going in that direction. Edge and Undertaker have had some great matches, but the feud feels played out. In this scenario, Triple H will likely remain champion for a while. Nothing against Triple H, but I think Edge is deserving of a lengthy reign. Perhaps when his inevitable feud with Undertaker concludes, Edge will get back in the title picture and reclaim the gold.

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