Scott Holt

Glimpsed in Federal Hill

July 20, 2008|By Sloane Brown | Sloane Brown,Special to The Sun

Junior's Wine Bar is a favored hangout among Baltimore's trendsetting professionals, so it only figures that its manager would be a trendsetter himself. Scott Holt, better known as Scooter, knows how to welcome customers with style. The Hampden resident has also found that he has something in common with the beverage his restaurant features: His style has mellowed with age.

Age: 35

Residence: Hampden

Job: Junior's Wine Bar manager

Self-described style : Modern Class

The look: Modern navy-and-white seersucker blazer. Yellow T-shirt. Hot pink Lacoste polo shirt. Khaki pants. Brown leather sandals.

Where it came from: The blazer, tee and khakis, Banana Republic. The polo, Nordstrom in the Columbia mall. The sandals, Aldo's.

His style has refined with age: "I used to do Armani Exchange and dress trendier. When I hit 35, I just went back to more classic styles. I went through my closet and got rid of "flashy." I went colorful but conservative, while keeping a trendy edge."

He shops seasonally: "I hit a lot of H&M and the Saks outlet at Arundel Mills. Columbia mall has the best Nordstrom, because they have more Lacoste than you can shake a stick at ...Whimsy/Reason has the best summer shirts right now. And the Jean Pool is a must-do in Mount Washington. ... I like Armani Exchange because I can't afford Giorgio Armani. ... Marc Jacobs jackets. I've got two of his jackets. ... And Kenneth Cole, Kenneth Cole, Kenneth Cole. There's one in Arundel Mills. It's wonderful. DKNY is also a more affordable label than Donna Karan."

A man with a mission: "Money is not a determining factor. I pretty much have in my mind what I want and it doesn't matter what I pay for it. It might mean $300 for one item when I go home or several items for $20. ... I just get it in my mind what I want and then I try to go find it. It doesn't always work. ... Last year, I was on a rampage for a Ralph Lauren corduroy sport coat. It had to be tan. I went to five different stores until I found it. I knew what I wanted. I saw it in a magazine."

He's jazzed about jackets: "I feel that even if you didn't spend a lot on the shirt, if you spend a decent amount on the jacket, it will look better. If you're wearing a $20 H&M shirt and $200 or up Marc Jacobs jacket, it makes everything else look more expensive. It kind of raises the real estate value on the H&M shirt. ... I have a winter velvet crop coat that I can't live without. It never goes out of style. I love it. ... If my house was on fire, I have a red leather denim-cut Gaultier jacket that would be the first thing I'd grab."

Shoes can make the outfit: "I look at people and they could have this perfect outfit on and then the shoes are terrifying. And it ruins the whole thing. ... [In my closet,] the clothes are organized. The shoes are a mountain. Diesel makes an incredible tennis shoe. Trendy tennis shoes, I love 'em. ... In D.C., I love Commander Salamander for their shoes."


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