5 Things I Have To Have Now

July 20, 2008|By Joanna Brenner

Olive Waxter

Hippodrome Foundation director

Since January 2005, Olive Waxter has been director of the Hippodrome Foundation. The mission of this nonprofit partner of the Hippodrome Theatre is to increase access through education and outreach programs. The foundation has a free summer theater camp each year for kids interested in performing arts. Waxter says, "Their smiles take up half their faces" when they attend. Waxter lives in Baltimore City.


A mini-car

My SUV drives me crazy, since I only really need it once a week or so. Gas prices are a killer. I would be nervous to drive a scooter - a small hybrid car would fit well into my life.


A gardener

All of my neighbors' front yards and gardens look nice. But with two labs - and one is a digger - I just cannot bring myself to work outside (and it shows). It would be great to have an energetic professional come in with a (free) simple plan.


Ping-pong lessons

My 12-year-old son beat me twice last week. I'd like to get some practice (without him knowing) so I can once again be victorious.


A day at the spa

Working full time - and running kids around the rest of the time - makes for a frazzled me. How nice it would be to check into a spa - have someone else be in charge and pamper me.


A weekend getaway

Would be great to go away to some relaxing place with my husband. It is hard to stay connected with work, camps, lacrosse tournaments and other demands.

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