Harford History

Natural Observations of the county

July 20, 2008

According to the memoirs of Samuel Mason, two types of squirrels had been known to live in Harford County at the end of the 1800s, the gray squirrel and the red squirrel. The last red squirrel Mason observed in the area was spotted July 22, 1944. Through research and investigation, Mason also noted the appearance of mockingbirds in the area, which were "rare in Harford County much before 1920," and Japanese honeysuckle, "which has deluged Harford's wood to their eventual devastation." Mason's observations of nature, published in 1955, also indicate that few deer and no beavers were present in the county earlier in the 20th century. He further noted that turkey vultures were joined in local skies by black vultures around 1943 and that whistling swans were not common until the 1890s.

Source: Historical Sketches of Harford County, Maryland by Samuel Mason Jr.

Compiled by the staff of the Harford County Public Library

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