Should the Ravens go after Favre?


July 15, 2008|By DAVID STEELE

If Brett Favre comes to the Ravens, it will be the same scenario here as in Green Bay, just with crabs instead of cheese. And the biggest crab will be Favre, who won't want to step aside for Joe Flacco next year any more than he wants to step aside for Aaron Rodgers this year.

The only - only - way it can work is if both sides follow these guidelines precisely:

Favre has to agree to play here for exactly one season. The Ravens must avoid, at all costs, any chance that he pulls his annual offseason diva act here. Their top priority has to be to hand the reins to Flacco on their timetable, not Favre's.

Yes, Favre's contract runs three more years; that will have to be negotiated away. Being free next season to keep playing if he wants to should appeal to him. Then get him for a second-day draft pick.

It could be a win-win all around. The Ravens no longer have to rush Flacco or choose between Kyle Boller and Troy Smith. Flacco can at least watch the master work, if not actually be an apprentice.

Favre can scratch his "itch," be a savior again, thumb his nose at the Packers - and, if he really wants to be a hero, embrace the mentor role he kept rejecting in Green Bay.

Imagine: The Ravens ride a new quarterback to a big date in Tampa, then immediately kick him to the curb. Deja vu.

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