Should the Ravens go after Favre?


July 15, 2008|By KEN MURRAY

Trading for Brett Favre is absolutely the wrong move for the Ravens. They don't need another iconic figure who is bigger than the team. They don't need another former Most Valuable Player whose best games are only on ESPN Classic. They don't need this legendary headache.

Can Favre still play? Sure he can, even though he'll be 39 in October. He can still escape the pass rush, although he's not nearly as nimble as he once was. He can still throw the deep ball and the laser pass, but remember, he threw 62 interceptions the past three seasons.

And he can still win. The Green Bay Packers won 13 games last season and had the No. 2 seed in the NFC playoffs. But when the Packers needed a vintage performance from Favre in a frigid NFC championship game at home against the New York Giants in January, he gave them little offense and two interceptions, one in overtime. Favre supposedly owned Lambeau Field in cold weather. Yet Eli Manning was the better quarterback that night.

It doesn't matter how many consecutive games Favre has started (275, counting the postseason) or how many touchdown passes he has thrown (442). Numbers are not relevant here. Best chance to win? The Packers are ready to ride with Aaron Rodgers over Favre. Obviously, they're ready to move on.

The bigger issue for the Ravens is what role Favre would play in mentoring Joe Flacco. Hall of Fame-caliber quarterbacks like to play, not mentor. Favre would only delay Flacco's ascension and create a new controversy. The Ravens don't need that.

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