Not under Sabathia's spell

Mr. Flip's Rant

July 14, 2008

Suppose, just for a moment, that Mr. Flip decided his first name should be spelled without the period. Mr Flip? Outrageous. You wouldn't stand for it.

But everyone is just going along with a certain major league pitcher whose given name is Carsten Charles Sabathia and wants from now on to be known as "CC" with no periods. No more "C.C."

Take a stand, American sports fan. Don't let this madness take hold.

We have a long, honorable history of initials with periods in sports. B.J. and J.R. and J.J. and A.J. and O.J. (All right, mostly honorable.)

The point is, dropping the periods is a dangerous precedent. Next thing you know, somebody will tell us his name doesn't have any capital letters. You want a k.d. lang situation? (Yeah, though at least she's keeping the periods in there.)

So Mr. Flip will be rooting against the new Milwaukee Brewer until he comes to his senses and returns to C.C. Because that's just the way it should be. Period.

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