Mr. Flip's Tube Tips

July 14, 2008


Home Run Derby

8 p.m. [ESPN]:

Back, back, back ... oh, Mr. Flip's achin' back. Yes, Chris Berman sounds like a chicken calling this event, which is dearly in need of the kind of boost that Dwight Howard gave the NBA's dunk contest this year. So tune in just to see whether anyone strides to the plate wearing a Superman cape.


Celebrity Softball Game

10 p.m. [ESPN]:

Keep an eye on that Billy Crystal dude. Heard he swung a big enough bat to go to spring training with the New York Yankees.

Action sports

X Games Classix

1 a.m. [ESPN2]:

So we've reached the point where the X Games can be considered to have "classics." Even if it's spelled with an "x."

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