5 Things I Have To Have Now

Donna Crivello

Coffee Bar Owner

July 13, 2008|By Joanna Brenner

Donna Crivello, is founder and owner of Donna's cafes and coffee bars. In addition to running a chain of restaurants, she also teaches Mediterranean cooking classes at her restaurant in Columbia. Before she opened her first coffee bar in Mount Vernon in 1992, Crivello was a teacher and a graphic designer. Since then, Donna's has grown to include five locations in the Baltimore region.


Santuko knives

"I have a few that I keep with me when I do cooking classes, and my husband is always asking me to bring them back home. So these knives would be for him."


A month in Sicily, cooking

"The last time we were in Sicily, we met Chef Franco Crivello at his wonderful pescaria in the seaside town of Porticello. ... He created some of the best seafood dishes I've ever eaten. My grandfather most likely came from this area ... while we might not be direct relatives, we were treated like family."


A great big garden

"I'm not sure how big, but enough space for growing some arugula and baby lettuces, lots of herbs and some tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and peppers and a field of summer flowers to cut for our tables."


Employees who will quit smoking

"Every year, we try to get a "relay team" together to run in the marathon, and it is shocking to find that most of our employees, especially those under 25, are smokers."


A tougher cell phone

"I go through cell phones very quickly, and they don't seem to make them tough enough for me."

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