Dave, find your inner Earl

Roch's Rant

July 11, 2008|By ROCH KUBATKO

I like Orioles manager Dave Trembley, and I'm hoping that he lives a long and happy life, which means keeping his blood pressure down, controlling his temper, not overreacting to every little call that goes against his ballclub. The usual checklist.

That said, I want Trembley to blow his stack.

Just once. And real soon. For two straight nights, Trembley maintained his cool when he could have gone all Earl Weaver on the home plate umpire. Did the pre-game spread include tranquilizers?

He stayed in the dugout in the ninth inning of Tuesday's game, when Toronto's Vernon Wells struck out swinging and drifted in front of catcher Ramon Hernandez, whose throw to second base sailed into center field and allowed Alex Rios to take third. The error proved critical when shortstop Freddie Bynum let a ground ball squirt through his legs with two outs, enabling Rios to score the winning run.

Wells appeared to interfere with Hernandez. It was suspicious enough to warrant a nose-to-nose confrontation with the man who makes those decisions, but Trembley didn't budge.

And Wednesday night, Aubrey Huff's left foot touched the plate ahead of catcher Rod Barajas' tag in the seventh, but umpire Jim Wolf called him out to end the inning - probably because Huff went in standing - and leave the Orioles trailing by two runs.

They lost by one.

It's highly unlikely that a purple-faced tantrum would have changed the calls, only the size of the veins in his neck, but fans watching at home need someone to vent their frustrations. Trembley would be acting as proxy. I'd settle for him acting the fool.

Kick some dirt, hurl a base - though both disputes would have taken place at home plate, which is much more difficult to uproot. Act irrationally and then leave a blank check on your desk to pay the fine. Choose another time to be a mature adult, like when the person ahead of you in line has more than 15 items in the express line. Or when your neighbor decides to water your lawn during the next drought - with his German shepherd. If you insist, count to 10 before going off. Just don't make us wait until 10,000. We're not that patient and rational.

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