Suspect surrenders after bail mistake


July 09, 2008|By MELISSA HARRIS

A wanted man mistakenly released from the Baltimore jail on $10,000 bail surrendered to city detectives yesterday afternoon at his attorney's office, said the attorney, Christie Needleman.

Nathan Parker, 28, has been charged with drug offenses, and authorities say he is a leading member of the citywide "Jigga" drug organization. After a raid on the organization last Wednesday night, in which police said they seized about $30,000 worth of heroin, a court commissioner set Parker's bail at $10,000, but subsequently increased it to $100,000.

Jail officials, however, didn't process the paperwork before Parker posted the lower amount and walked free.

"He was never running; he had been told by the jail that he was being released," Needleman said. "As soon as detectives started looking for him at family members' homes, he called me immediately asking me whether there was a warrant for his arrest and whether he needed to turn himself in. I was unavailable until Monday, when I began making arrangements for him to do so."

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