Roswell Encina

Influential Books

June 29, 2008

Roswell Encina loves "being surrounded by knowledge," which is why he jumped on the opportunity to become the director of communications at the Enoch Pratt Free Library last year. The former TV reporter, who currently lives in Fells Point, worked as a journalist, traveling from Maryland to Alabama to Tennessee and finally back to Maryland before leaving the newsroom.

"The Tower Treasure" by Franklin W. Dixon

At age 7, after graduating from children's books, I searched for books I could relate to. After reading "The Tower Treasure," the first book in the Hardy Boys Mysteries, I was hooked and had to read the rest of this 50-plus series. I believe early on, the Hardy Boys Mysteries made reading a habit for me that continues to this day.

"An Hour Before Daylight" by Jimmy Carter

Reading and learning how the character of the 39th president of the United States was formed is truly inspirational. It spotlights the importance of family and role models and encourages readers to dream big.

"Profiles in Courage" by John F. Kennedy and " Profiles in Courage for Our Time" by Caroline Kennedy

It's hard for me not to tie these two glorious books together. After more than 50 years, JFK's original book resonates. Caroline's compilation of local and national politicians who decided to do the right thing despite the consequences reverberates this election year. Both books make you believe in the goodness in people and the integrity of the political system.

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