Five submit names for school board

June 29, 2008|By Madison Park | Madison Park,Sun Reporter

Five candidates from the Bel Air area, including an educator with a doctorate, a retired principal and an active PTA parent, have submitted their names to the newly created Harford County Board of Education Recommendation Committee for a review of their qualifications for the school board.

The committee, made up of public officials, will recommend two candidates to the governor for appointment to the Harford County Board of Education. The committee does not have the authority to force the governor, who appoints the county's school board members, to accept its recommendations.

The applicants are:

* Alysson L. Krchnavy, a former accounts manager who left the corporate world after 11 years to raise her daughter. Her daughter is now going into sixth grade. Krchnavy highlights her volunteering and her involvement on the school system's curriculum committee and Hickory Elementary School PTA. According to her resume, she has been a substitute teacher at the elementary school for five years.

"There are no do-overs in public education," she said in an interview after the committee meeting. "There are good things in Harford County schools, and there are things they can do better. I'd love to see communication improved between the County Council, the library and the school system."

* Emily A. Fleming, a Bel Air resident who works in glaucoma services for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and has a background in health administration, also submitted her name for consideration.

In a letter to the committee, she wrote, "As an administrator with a world-renowned school of medicine, I understand the importance of a solid fundamental education, and what is required to aspire in today's world."

* Mohammad Reza Shahab of Forest Hill has a doctorate in educational administration from American University and studied mechanical engineering at the Tehran Institute of Technology. Shahab wrote to the committee that he has lived in the United States for 30 years and spent 15 years as a program coordinator for vocational education in Washington public schools. He also served two years as the principal of a high school in the district in the 1980s. He currently studies renewable energy technology, according to his resume.

Shahab said his interest in Harford County schools stemmed from the fact that he has three grandchildren in the system, and he "would enjoy the opportunity of serving on the board."

* Nancy Reynolds of Bel Air highlighted her 31 years in Harford County education. "Throughout my career, I have been passionate about providing the best possible education for all students within the confines of my schools. I am now seeking the opportunity to provide the same services for all Harford County students."

She started her career with the school system as a reading specialist at Havre de Grace Middle School and became assistant principal at two middle schools before serving 10 years as Bel Air Middle School principal.

The Education Recommendation Committee had not received permission to release the resume and letter of Lee-Ellen Davidson, the fifth applicant, by the time this went to print.

Each candidate will be given five minutes to answer five questions in a July 7 public meeting at the County Council conference room, 212 S. Bond St.

They will be allowed a five-minute opening statement, then will be interviewed by the committee and allotted a two-minute closing statement.

Two seats on the seven-member school board are up for appointment this year; the five-year terms of Salina M. Williams and Thomas L. Fidler, the president of the Board of Education, are expiring this summer.

The temporary committee was created because a bill in the General Assembly this year calling for a blend of elected and appointed school board members did not pass.

When asked her thoughts on the committee process, Superintendent Jacqueline C. Haas said, "I try to stay out of this. I work for the board no matter how they come to the board."

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