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Plans for Rosewood imperil open space


June 23, 2008

According to the Maryland League of Conservation Voters, Mr. Harris has a lifetime rating of just 9 percent on environmental legislation.

In the 2007 legislative session, Mr. Harris voted against a ban on the harmful practice of hydraulic dredging in coastal bays, against a ban on phosphorus in dishwashing detergent, against solar energy and against tightening auto emissions standards.

Mr. Harris may have more money than Mr. Kratovil. But will he be better for the First District?

Laura Sargent, Arnold

The writer is an intern for the Sierra Club.

Church has right to enforce views

The column "Don't play politics with Communion" (Commentary, June 9) and the letter "Keep sacraments untainted by politics" (June 16) show a lack of understanding.

FOR THE RECORD - The letter "Protect the public from scam artists" on Monday's Opinion page misstated the name of the Maryland Association of Mortgage Brokers.
The Sun regrets the error.

To the Catholic Church, abortion is not a political issue but a moral issue.

And it is certainly the prerogative of the church to censure church members who do not publicly follow the church's moral teachings, whether they are politicians or not.

Stanley G. Piet, Bel Air

The writer is a retired deacon of the Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore.

Protect the public from scam artists

Congratulations are due to federal prosecutors for arresting individuals involved with the mortgage scams featured in the article "8 accused of loan scheme" (June 13).

As a result of the efforts of the Maryland Homeownership Preservation Task Force, which the Maryland Association of Mortgage Bankers is part of, the General Assembly passed the Maryland Mortgage Fraud Protection Act this year, which makes this very type of scam a felony.

We supported this law and hope it is used to put people who would prey on their own communities behind bars.

The article also highlighted the drastic need for financial education.

Consumers who understand the basics of personal finance would be less likely to fall under the spell of such predators.

The mortgage bankers group also supported legislation that attempted to include financial literacy curriculum in Maryland high schools. Unfortunately, that bill failed.

But the mortgage mess the country is facing right now will never be fully resolved unless we prosecute those committing fraud and educate citizens to recognize a scam when they see one.

Thomas Shaner, Baltimore

The writer is executive director of the Maryland Association of Mortgage Brokers.

It's the executive who defies the law

I agree with the writer of the letter "Justice usurp president's power" (June 18) that articles of impeachment should be drawn up - but not against the Supreme Court justices who actually supported and confirmed the U.S. Constitution in their recent habeas corpus decision.

Rather, they should be drawn up against a president and a vice president who, after manipulating the country into a war for which there were no legitimate reasons, have spent subsequent years tap dancing around our system of checks and balances and attempting to eviscerate our Constitution whenever it suits their megalomaniacal aims.

Ann Power, Catonsville

Let no one meddle with prescriptions

I don't want the federal government, the state government, local government, pharmacists, the pharmaceutical companies, Del. Barbara Robinson or the insurance prescription plans to interfere in the prescribing of my medication ("Cost of medicine could increase," June 17).

My personal physician is quite capable of writing either the name brand medication or the generic medication on the prescription.

Rita Sperling Costello, Arnold

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