David Steele -- Points after

June 22, 2008|By David Steele

It's pretty simple, actually: Whether or not you believed he was grandstanding or using gamesmanship (and, seriously, why would you?) all last weekend, if that U.S. Open playoff hadn't included Tiger Woods, would you have paid any attention to it?

It took the Boston Celtics six more years to win their next NBA championship after Len Bias died than it took Maryland to win its first national championship afterward. Nobody would have guessed that 22 years and three days ago.

More people cheered and supported Rafael Palmeiro after his return from flunking an actual steroid test than cheered last week for Miguel Tejada, who is only suspected, not proven to have used performance enhancers. Go ahead, so-called Orioles fans, explain that.

Oddly, no other franchises are following the New York Mets' exciting new managerial blueprint: Two managers have been fired since Willie Randolph was let go, both during daylight hours.

Maybe Curt Schilling should have rested his blogging shoulder a little more this season.

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