Can't we just get along?


June 22, 2008|By LAURA VOZZELLA

On their radio show last week, Bob and Kendel Ehrlich seemed to be in cheerful agreement with a caller named Dee that if Barack Obama is elected president, a race war will ensue.

Or as the Daily Kos summed it up: "Elect Barack, and We Get Civil War." (Sadly, that political blog and PolitickerMD beat me to this one, but I've been busy looking for Sheila Dixon's missing fur coats.) Maryland Democratic Party spokesman David Paulson first posted the transcript on PolitickerMD, but I listened to the audio myself.

Dee: "Obama, I don't see how Obama can bring the races together or have a healing effect on the country because of the friends that he hangs around, very radical. And I think that if he is elected the president, that you will have all these people coming out of the woodwork, the militants, the Muslims, the Black Panthers. And then on the white side, you'll have the Ku Klux Klan and the skinheads. I mean, they will be empowered, because all these people will be emboldened with all this hate, and I don't see how that's going to heal the country because this is what we'll have to deal with."

Bob Ehrlich: "Dee, I wish I could clone you. I wish I could clone you. [Laughs] I know it's illegal."

Kendel: "You are an informed voter, which is what we were talking about. You have gotten into specifics."

Towson professor Richard Vatz, a guest on the show: "Exactly."

I don't know about all this race war stuff, but when did Bob Ehrlich go waaay left on stem cell research, all the way to cloning?

Said Ehrlich spokesman Henry Fawell: "The Ehrlichs were referring to the African-American caller's passion (she was clearly passionate) and do not subscribe to the theory she proposed.

"I know the Maryland Democratic Party is trying to whip this up. We wish they had been as quick to act when Steny Hoyer and Mike Miller referred to Lt. Gov. Michael Steele as a 'token' and 'Uncle Tom', respectively, in years past."

Fur doesn't fly with Dixon aide

Fur coats have gotten Mayor Dixon in trouble before. Not with prosecutors. With the animal-lover in her office.

Mayoral scheduler Zoe Michal tried to get Dixon to shed her furry coats long before prosecutors started hunting for them, I'm told.

I tried to reach Michal to ask her about that, but Dixon spokesman Sterling Clifford called back instead.

Has the young office staffer really given Her Honor flak for her coats?

Clifford would only say this much: "Zoe is very good about encouraging everyone around her to treat animals with respect."

You can't get away from this stuff

After a long day of phoning furriers in search of the mayor's missing coats, The Sun's Doug Donovan tried to unwind with a Family Guy re-run.

The episode, which aired Thursday night, was all about a mayor and an ill-gotten fur coat. Here's the Wikipedia summary:

"Lois is tempted to buy a $4,300 fur coat. Bob Grossbeard, the president of the local oil company, offers to buy the coat if Lois allows him to dump his oil runoff in the lake, and Lois reluctantly accepts."

She's just the law on wheels

Mystery solved: The identity of the skateboarder in the business suit spotted by The Sun's Dan Rodricks a few weeks ago.

She is Christine Carey, a UB law student who commutes on the hot-pink board from Mount Vernon to her job as a law clerk at Legal Aid Bureau, near City Hall.

She wears flip-flops or sneakers and changes into office footwear upon arrival. Otherwise, Carey makes no concessions to her mode of commute.

"I don't let my skateboard get in the way of what I wear," she said.

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