To The Point

June 22, 2008

Ms. Edwards makes history

While the city of Baltimore can proudly boast of having four African-American women in elected office, voters in Prince George's and Montgomery counties also accomplished something notable by sending an African-American woman to Congress, a Maryland first.

Donna Edwards' victory last week in the special election for the 4th District House seat formerly held by Albert R. Wynn was hardly a surprise, but a historic moment nonetheless in a year with much shattering of long-standing gender and racial barriers.

A lawyer and public interest advocate, Ms. Edwards will likely have a more progressive agenda than her predecessor.

The big green divide

Don't assume that the lower ratings recently given state lawmakers by the Maryland League of Conservation Voters are a sign that the General Assembly's interest in environmental causes is on the wane.

Rather, it's a product of how much ambitious, pro-conservation legislation was on the table during the last General Assembly session.

What's more notable is the sharp divide between urban and rural politicians.

Legislators from the Eastern Shore and Western Maryland - where natural resources would seem most precious - rarely vote green.

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