Flipping for racer Edwards

Mr. Flip's Rants

June 16, 2008

Mr. Flip has never been much of a NASCAR fan, but maybe Carl Edwards can make him one.

Responding to some of the whining coming from young drivers on the circuit, Edwards showed an awareness of the realities for the average fan.

"These are hardworking people, and they take their money and they decide, `Hey, we're going to buy some tickets, we're going to put gas in this motor home and we're doing to drive to the racetrack, and we're going to take [off] a couple of days of work.' That's huge. My family never did anything like that. It costs a lot."

How refreshing. It would be nice to hear something similar once in a while from one of the uniformed millionaires populating our baseball and football stadiums.

Hey, even if they don't mean it, our pro athletes should at least acknowledge how their salaries are built, in part, on the discretionary income of people who might not have a whole lot of discretionary income.

Given your victory flip, Carl Edwards, you already were one of Mr. Flip's favorites, but now you have really leaped to the top.

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