Even his debts are juiced

Bill's Rant

June 12, 2008|By BILL ORDINE

So Jose Canseco's former lawyer is suing the slugger-steroid user-author for unpaid legal fees. In a Florida newspaper article, it was reported that the fees are alleged to be as much as $500,000, or even more, accumulated over a period of five years.

Five years? Who works for five years without getting paid?

The lawyer, Robert Saunooke, in an Associated Press story, explained that he considered Canseco a friend and that's why he deferred demanding payment.

Canseco's new lawyer said Jose did pay Saunooke, in part with two World Series rings.

In rebuttal, Canseco said Saunooke is just one of those folks who have turned on him in recent years.

"I'm surrounded by liars and thieves," Canseco told the AP.

Canseco didn't mention if that thought occurs to him daily when he looks into the mirror to shave.

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