Business owner faces slot machine charges

June 12, 2008|By Brent Jones

A Baltimore County man was charged yesterday with 110 counts of possessing slot machines after police raided dozens of establishments in May, according to the county state's attorney's office.

Roy Carroll Bond III, president of Carbond Inc., has been charged more than a dozen times with gambling offenses in the area, but has never been convicted.

Two weeks ago, county police declared that the video machines seized during the May raid were used for illegal gambling, and they referred the case to county prosecutors.

The county state's attorney's office had until yesterday to decide whether to file charges, according to a court order.

Officials from the county state's attorney office released a statement about the charges but could not be reached for comment.

A lawyer for Carbond, Steven Wyman, could not be reached. He had said previously that he expected the case to proceed to court. Wyman and his client maintain that the machines are legal.

Baltimore County vice squad detectives seized 110 machines owned by Carbond from 41 restaurants, bars and other establishments in one of the largest such raids in recent history, police said.

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