Primary Passions

June 08, 2008

When Sen. Barack Obama (above) clinched the Democratic Party presidential nomination last week, it was a moment of overwhelming joy for some - and devastating disappointment for others. A sampling of the reactions around the country:

"Perhaps we are getting to that day Martin Luther King talked about. It's a day that goes down in history, no matter what happens."

- N. Charles Anderson, president of the Detroit Urban League

"This is about feeling that the party completely disrespected us, let us down, and we don't feel that we want to be with the party."

- Cynthia Ruccia, a Democratic activist in Ohio who says she'd rather vote for Sen. John McCain than Mr. Obama

"I was like, 'Aaaahhhh.' ... Never in a million years would I have thought this was possible."

- Jackie Almond, who cuts hair at the Pizazz Salon and Spa in Harlem

"Women will have to forgive. ... Even though Barack isn't responsible ... for the sexism Hillary has experienced, many people supporting him have done it. It's a soul-searching moment for Americans."

- James Taylor, a professor of politics and African- American history at the University of San Francisco

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