Change for Chamberlain

June 06, 2008|By BILL ORDINE

Discontent in the Bronx is as much part of Yankees tradition as pinstripes, so it's no great surprise that former relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain's new role as a starter - and the wisdom of the change - is being critiqued in the clubhouse.

New Yankees boss Hank Steinbrenner has loudly suggested that Chamberlain start and sure enough ...

Well, Johnny Damon piped up about how the switch of Chamberlain from setup man, at which he was spectacular, to starter can create problems that go beyond even Chamberlain's performance. In his initial start, Chamberlain failed to get through three innings and the Yankees lost, 9-3.

But that's just part of the problem, Damon points out. The ripple effect of what it does to the team's rhythm through the course of the game is even more worrisome for the Yankees, he said. "When you move a guy like that, everyone's trying to find a role. Everyone's trying to replace a guy who was possibly the best in that role," Damon said.

So obvious, even an idiot can see it.

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