Unusual water hazard

Gator is pulled from pond at golf course

June 06, 2008

An Anne Arundel County Animal Control officer pulled a 2-foot-long alligator out of a golf course pond, authorities said yesterday.

A golfer first spotted the reptile May 30 in a pond at the Arundel Golf Park in Glen Burnie. The sighting prompted a hunting expedition of sorts for an animal control officer, who put down traps for several days but came up with nothing.

It wasn't until another animal control officer, Glenn Johnson, went searching Wednesday with a rod and reel that the alligator was captured.

Johnson pulled the reptile, which police said appeared to be in good health, from the murky pond covered with lily pads.

The gator was transported to the county's Animal Control unit and then taken yesterday to a zoo in Frederick County.

How it got into the pond at the driving range and practice putting course on Dorsey Road is a mystery.

Sgt. John Gilmer Jr., a county police spokesman, said investigators talked with experts in Florida who told them that the animal was probably an abandoned pet.

"We were told that an alligator probably couldn't survive the winter up here," Gilmer said.

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