Tape does the trick in dying your stick

Straight Shooters

June 01, 2008

Straight Shooters answers your youth lacrosse questions with the help of US Lacrosse experts. This week's "Straight Shooter" is Matt Zash. Zash was a two-time All-America midfielder at Duke, graduating in 2006. He plays professional lacrosse for the Major Lacrosse League's Philadelphia Barrage and the National Lacrosse League's New York Titans. Zash was a member of the 2003 United States under-19 men's world championship team and played for Team USA in the 2007 Indoor World Lacrosse Championships in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He owns and operates the Lax Hut, a chain of lacrosse retail stores.

Q: All my friends are getting their heads dyed, and I was wondering if you could supply some info on how to do this. I know how to dye regularly, but I wanted to know how to put a white stripe on the head.

Jake Wachs, 10, Severna Park

A: Since you already know how to dye a head, dressing it up is just a matter of a little prep work. The key to all those funky multi-dyes is tape, glue and layering. If you want a white stripe on your head, simply place electrical tape (or any strong, removable adhesive) where you want the stripe to show, and dye the head as you would otherwise. When the timer goes off, rinse the head with cold water. (Heat activates the dye; cold sets it). Remove the tape and, voila, white stripe. Let's say you want a black head with a white stripe and a blue stripe. First, place tape on the stick where you want the white stripe to be. Next, dye the head blue. Rinse the head with cool water and dry it. Do not remove the tape. Add another piece of tape where you want the blue stripe. Dye the head black. Rinse the head again and dry it. When you remove all the tape, you're left with a black head with a white stripe and a blue stripe. Always layer your dyes from the lightest color to the darkest, so do yellow before blue, blue before purple. Black is always the last color to be dyed. Straight Shooters runs every Sunday in The Sun and at baltimoresun.com. E-mail your youth lacrosse questions to sports@baltsun.com and include a phone number for e-mail verification. The series can also be found on Lacrosse Magazine's Web site at www.laxmagazine.com. US Lacrosse, headquartered in Baltimore, is the national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse. Learn more about playing, coaching and officiating lacrosse at www.uslacrosse.org.

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