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Mrs. Maryland United States 2008

Regena Reigns

June 01, 2008|By [LIZ ATWOOD]

REGENA REIGNS, A SPOKEN-word artist, actress and journalist, was crowned Mrs. Maryland United States 2008 last month. She will compete in the national pageant in Las Vegas in July.

She and her husband, Sir Reigns, are the founders of World Poetry Agency, which teaches students poetry at schools, churches and educational centers. Reigns is active in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and is a volunteer helper with the Salvation Army and many community events.

Reigns said she wanted to participate in the Mrs. Maryland pageant because of its focus on marriage. "The crown will give me a vehicle to give back to the city and another opportunity to serve as a community leader, a role model for the youth and a champion for persons with disabilities."

She and her husband live in South Baltimore with their cat, Simba, and dog, Knight.


A housekeeper

"Being a wife, caregiver for my father, having pets and working makes me quite busy, so I could use the extra help around the house."


An in-house gym

"I love to stay physically fit."


An avocado tree

"I have an affinity for avocados and will eat them any time of the day."


Music studio

"My husband, Sir, and I are both poets; however, hubby likes to record more music than I do, so having a studio, perhaps in the basement where he can play his music as loud as he wants ... would be neat!"


A meditation room

"Currently, I meditate and do my affirmations in my office. I will feel more at peace to relax in a room where I could bask in the sun while lying on a chaise lounge surrounded by plants and a zen garden."

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