4 years old, brimming with self-confidence


June 01, 2008|By Monica Lopossay | Monica Lopossay,Sun photographer

I caught the eye of the Evans family, with all my camera gear hanging off me in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart, while trying to get a front-page photo to go with a daily business story. They called over to see who I was and what I was doing. Seeing two adorable little boys and in the middle of an assignment that was going nowhere, I was happy to oblige.

That's when I met one of Karen Evans' twins, Denzel. He was a take-charge, 4-year-old who wasn't shy about asking me to take photos of his plush toy's rear-end, to which he giggled hysterically with his twin brother, Denim, upon seeing the image on the back of my digital camera. (Yes people, they pay me to do this).

When I asked Denzel how to spell his name he micromanaged me like I was on his payroll. With the fervor of a drill sergeant he yelled out and enunciated every letter.

Deciding he could do a better job, he snatched my notes and demanded my pen. When he handed it back, I was a little surprised to find mostly scribble. I know I shouldn't have been, he is 4, after all. But he had all the confidence of a fifth-grade English teacher as he declared, "It's suppose to look like that, LIKE THAT!" and that's when I got this image.

I have no doubt Denzel will grow-up to be a great leader, possibly a doctor, with the whole handwriting thing, and definitely with an adoring fan in this photographer.


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