Harford History

June 01, 2008

The first piece of legislation charging postal rates under the Constitution of the United States was an act taking effect June 1, 1792, charging letter rates by the mile. The first 30 miles cost 6 cents; 30 to 60 miles cost 8 cents; and 60 to 100 miles cost 10 cents for each letter. The first post office to be established in Harford County was at Susquehanna in 1777. It was followed with new post offices at Harford or Bush in 1782, Havre de Grace in 1789 and Bel Air in 1794.

Source: History of Postal Service in Harford County by Frank M. Stewart. Harford Historical Bulletin, No. 55, Winter 1993.

Compiled by the staff of the Harford County Public Library

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