A shame bigger than Texas

Bill's Rant

May 29, 2008|By BILL ORDINE

I thought things had gotten a little quiet on the Roger Clemens front.

With no women being romantically linked lately to the seven-time Cy Young Award winner, Clemens fired a legal salvo this week at former-personal-trainer-turned-accuser Brian McNamee by adding a charge of "intentional infliction of emotional distress" to the defamation lawsuit Clemens filed against McNamee.

And Clemens wants the home-field advantage by having the case heard in Texas. Perhaps that's why there's this reported language in the legal paperwork:

"McNamee's false accusations have accomplished their purpose of destroying Clemens' good reputation and making him the subject of scorn and ridicule throughout Texas."

The last bit has an unintentional sardonic ring.

Just in Texas? While the veracity of the accusations remains an open issue, it's undeniable that even the expansive prairies of the Lone Star State can't possibly contain the embarrassment heaped on Clemens.

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