Sun's golf coverage has been lacking


May 25, 2008

WE SUBSCRIBE TO THE SUN mainly to read complete results of golf tournaments. Unfortunately, your paper is not meeting our expectations.

I am a retired PGA professional and have been a supporter of your paper for nearly 60 years. However, your golf coverage has diminished through the years since the '50s, '60s and '70s when Alan Barrett, George Taylor and John Stewart were reporting. Their coverage included Pro-Am Golf tournaments, Maryland Opens, Baltimore City Opens, State Amateurs, State and City Opens and all major championship golf tournaments.

It would be nice to see some local golf tournaments in your paper again.

Ron Beverungen

Berlin, Md.

Wheelchair accident brings about concerns

I AM THE MOTHER OF TRACK athlete Monica Mason, who was seriously injured when wheelchair athlete Tatyana McFadden collided into her at the conclusion of the 200-meter race at the Howard County Track Classic on May 3.

Monica has suffered both physically and mentally due to Ms. McFadden being allowed to compete against nonwheelchair athletes. Monica suffered bruising on both legs, and her knee has lateral collateral damage.

I asked Monica about the incident and she was very compassionate at first for Ms. McFadden. Her feelings changed when she read the article in The Sun when Ms. McFadden's mother insinuated that Monica did not follow the rules. Monica has run competitively since she was 7 years old (Monica is 17). Monica knows the rules.

Mentally, Monica was devastated. When Ms. McFadden raced past her, Monica said she was dejected and couldn't concentrate on her race. Not only does Monica have to recover physically, but mentally, as well.

Finally, I agree with Lauren Young, the McFaddens' attorney, that accidents do happen. Accidents occur for foreseeable events - track runners being spiked by other runners or runners falling or tripping over hurdles or even each other. But, an accident of the type that Monica suffered - colliding with a wheelchair to the point that there were tire imprints on her leg - is not the type of accident that a track athlete knowingly faces when he or she steps onto the track.

Karen J. Mason


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