Tarp tricks for every occasion

Gear box

May 25, 2008|By Candus Thomson

It's not just because he's getting married today or because he's the funniest outdoors writer in Seattle ... OK, in the country.

Even if those things weren't true, Ron Judd's new paperback, The Blue Tarp Bible, ($12.95, The Mountaineers Books) is the definitive volume on the things you can do with the "fabric that binds America."

In one thin volume, a reader can learn how to make a matching redneck area rug (to go with redneck drapes), an emergency weekend kite and a man purse. Judd also solves the problem many of us face - "So let's say you've got a hindquarter of a large moose laying on the kitchen table" - with this blue tarp solution: "Industrial-strength zipless freezer bag."

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