Michael Harrison

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May 25, 2008|By Liz Atwood

This year Michael Harrison celebrates his 20th anniversary as general director of the Baltimore Opera Company. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, he has appeared in numerous Broadway, national and regional productions, performing musical and dramatic roles. He sang more than 1,000 performances of Tony inWest Side Story.

Harrison is a native of Georgia and lives in the Kernewood neighborhood of Baltimore City. He has one son, Graham, who also lives in Baltimore.

"The Odyssey"

by Homer

This captures the story of the journey home from whatever place or dilemma in which one finds oneself. It's about overcoming any adversity, no matter how bizarre, to find comfort in the final place or state of mind that is oneself and one's true dwelling.

"Gone With the Wind"

by Margaret Mitchell

A saga that represents the personal romanticism I feel about my part of America. The idea, no matter how unfair or unrealistic, that is the dream which all of us search and feel the longing for, in the past of those dead and gone, the present of those who are the products of the past, and the future of hope and resilience."

"Being and Nothingness"

by Jean-Paul Sartre

It's about the power of the internal conflict and dialogue of why we exist and why we want to exist, an irresolvable dilemma.

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