Throwing stones no more

Bill's Rant

May 23, 2008|By BILL ORDINE

Yesterday, another American Olympic athlete admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. During the trial of track coach Trevor Graham, who is accused of lying to federal authorities, sprinter Antonio Pettigrew, who won a gold medal as a member of the U.S. 1,600-meter relay team eight years ago at the Sydney Olympics, admitted to using human growth hormone and other performance-boosting drugs. During his career, Pettigrew passed all tests for PEDs.

As many fans are aware, disgraced American track star Marion Jones has forfeited her medals - and her teammates on a pair of relay teams will probably have to give up their own hard-earned awards - after pleading guilty to federal charges related to doping and lying about it.

And the defending 100-meter Olympic champion, Justin Gatlin, who worked undercover for the government, is hoping to have a doping-related suspension shortened so he can participate in this year's Games in Beijing. Gatlin says he never knowingly took PEDs.

There was a time when fans in America viewed the landscape of international sport from the high moral ground. Our athletes were pure amateurs while Communist-bloc athletes were outright "professionals," and we snickered at East German female athletes who were clearly running on high octane.

Turns out, our view isn't from so high anymore.

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