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May 20, 2008|By BILL ORDINE

If a Utah high school javelin thrower had a little more loft on his state tournament-winning toss, this story would not be so amusing. Luckily, the throw by Provo High's Anthony Miles caught newspaper photographer Ryan McGeeney just below the knee, causing far less damage than if it had struck him in, say, the torso. McGeeney, a former Marine, works as an intern for the Ogden Standard-Examiner.

The description of the injury is a pip. The javelin pierced McGeeney's leg, and an emergency medical technician cut off most of the javelin - sort of the way they cut off the end of an arrow sticking in a guy's shoulder in an old cowboy movie - but left about a foot and a half through McGeeney's leg.

As far as McGeeney's condition is concerned, the javelin didn't hit any major blood vessels, ligaments or tendons and caught all skin and a little meat (I realize that's probably not standard medical terminology), so he's apparently going to be fine.

A veteran of a tour of duty in Afghanistan, McGeeney did what every photographer I've ever known would do - he pulled out a camera and took a picture of the javelin sticking through his leg.

"If I didn't," he said, "it would probably be my editor's first question when I got back."

And you know, that sounds like every editor I've ever known, too.

Except my editor wouldn't let me run the photo.

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