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May 18, 2008

Lesson on tolls goes unheeded

Regarding your article on new toll lanes for I-95: Back when Kennedy Highway (I-95) was built about 47 years ago, there was a local toll on the on-and-off ramps all along I-95. Local commuters screamed. Even if they were only going a short distance they had to pay coming or going. So the poorer local commuters took Route 40, Route 7 and Route 1.

As traffic increased over the years and the roads deteriorated with no toll to repair them, some light bulbs started to go off realizing their mistake. But it still took many years to remove the ramp tolls.

Now they want to add what they say is another needed lane in each direction. Only these will be toll lanes. So if the other lanes become crowded as predicted, the poorer commuter can go back to Route 40, Route 7 and Route 1. Maybe we could call the new lanes, the well-to-do lanes. Will the politicians ever learn?

Arthur Weller, Bel Air

Youth must face consequences

I almost felt like I was reading the news from a large inner city. It just amazes and saddens me, that today's youth have taken a turn for the worse, or so it appears. I wonder if the "3 youths charged with arson" will get a free pass, too - a "get out of jail free" card?

It's no wonder youth offenders keep on doing their worst when there is little or no consequences for their actions. Something is very wrong with this picture! For all of our sakes, I hope this can soon be rectified. Take care, and keep safe.

Carolyn Hicks, Joppa

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