Rolling in dough

Let the chips fall where they may in ice-cream competition Cookie-dough ice cream delivers chocolaty goodness

Test Kitchen

May 14, 2008|By Renee Enna | Renee Enna,Chicago Tribune

Vanilla and chocolate purists can wince all they want at the multilayered flavors found in the ice cream case. Over-the-top varieties are here to stay and, judging by the number of brands available, one of the most popular has to be chocolate chip cookie dough.

We gathered several brands. Our panel was looking for a creamy, rich vanilla base, close-to-homemade cookie-dough chunks and great-tasting chocolate. (Oddly, in most samples, the chips were not in the cookie dough, but instead were floating in the ice cream.)

Edy's Loaded

1.5 quarts, $3.99

4 points There are lots of chocolate chips in this ice cream, but they're the mini version. The vanilla had an artificial taste.

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