5 Things I Have To Have Now

May 11, 2008|By [LIZ ATWOOD]



BLOGGER TRACEY GAUGHRAN-PEREZ describes herself as a "prototypical Gen-Xer and mom." She is also the creator of the popular mommy blog Sweetney.com, as well as the pop culture blog Mama Pop.com, and We Covet.com, where she confesses her "sins of consumer covetousness." This being Mother's Day, she has some definite ideas of what she covets.

Gaughran-Perez lives in Lauraville with her husband and 5-year-old daughter.


A MacBook Pro

"Mommy likey ginormous hard drives. ... I'm just that geeky!"


Jon Stewart

"Just to borrow for a day or two. I'd promise not to, you know, defile him or anything."


A professional organizer for a week

"I need someone to come in and get our house in order, since clearly I'm completely incapable of doing it myself."


A Jura / Capresso Coffee Center

"After seeing Tony Hawk talking his up on MTV's Cribs, I've been able to think of little else."


A Mini Cooper Clubman

"Though I'm not much of a car person, I saw one of these in the Hot Chocolate color and practically swooned."

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