He makes the grade

High school freshman wastes no time becoming a top scorer

Q&A Andy Thrasher, Fallston, lacrosse

May 11, 2008|By Jeff Seidel

Fallston boys lacrosse coach Ryan Arist said he knew Andy Thrasher would be a good player. But he never expected 47 goals and six assists from a ninth-grader.

Thrasher became a big part of an already potent Fallston offense, finishing second in the regular season in scoring behind Luke Raab, who passed him at the end. The freshman has a blistering left-handed shot that he doesn't mind firing in traffic, and he knows how to get open.

He also played on the junior varsity football team as a running back and cornerback. Thrasher plays for the Harford Renegades lacrosse team in the summer and spends the winter working out to get ready for lacrosse in the spring.

Are you surprised by how well you've done this season?

Yes, I really am. At the beginning of the season, I just kind of played my hardest. It was a big lifetime experience being on the varsity as a freshman. I think a huge part of my success is the great players and coaches I'm surrounded by. I've really learned a lot this season.

You got off to a great start. How much did that help your confidence?

That really gave me a lot of confidence. I just wanted to play and just have fun and do well with the team, I think that first goal I scored made me feel like I can do this -- I can play. That really boosted my confidence, and when I got [seven goals in one game], that also helped. I was just going out to play my hardest and play with the team. I was pretty surprised by how I started off.

At the beginning of the season, how did you see your role?

I kind of just saw myself as just playing, not being the goal scorer or the star player. I just kind of went out to play as part of the team and play hard and do whatever I could to help us win. I was really nervous, actually. I had no idea how it was going to be. I knew it was going to be a huge change from playing through rec ball, but I played through last summer with a bunch of varsity kids, and that helped me out. It helped me get used to things and used to the speed of the game.

How far can Fallston go this year after making it to the state finals last spring?

I think we can go as far as we'd like to. We've got to set it in our minds that we can beat any team. We've got our best [players], and we've got to play with heart. I think that really drives a lot of people. I know that was a big moment when they were in the finals last year. I think they really want to get back this year, and I think they want to re-live that moment.

How did you do in football last fall?

I think I did pretty well. That's the same thing in football. I just kind of went out and played my hardest. Since it was just freshman year, I just went in and did what I could when I played. I played running back at rec football, and it was a pretty big adjustment. It's a lot different from playing rec. Like lacrosse, the speed of the game is different.

What's your favorite sport, lacrosse or football?

I'd have to go with lacrosse. That's what I've grown up playing. I love to play lacrosse. It's just the speed and everything. I just love the atmosphere of lacrosse. My brother, Dean, had a big impact on me growing up because he played lacrosse, too. I watched him all throughout high school, and it was a lot of fun.

What's in your iPod right now?

I like classic rock. I like a lot of that. I really like to listen to Eminem before games. That gets me fired up.

Where do you go from here?

I just will continue to play hard.

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